Outernet Roleplay: GTA V

Explore a modern, thoughtfully designed experience that's all about the roleplay. A completely custom experience built by professional game developers.

No Approval Wait

Jump right in and play! Unlike other servers where you're stuck waiting on someone to approve your application, we believe anyone should be able to jump in a join the roleplay immediately.

Thoughtfully Designed

Stop wasting your time trying to memorize and learn a huge array of chat commands. We've carefully designed menus and interfaces to keep you focused on what matters most.

A Team to Win

The team behind this project have known each other for over a decade. Their roleplay experience goes back ten years to the dinosaur days of San Andreas: Multiplayer.

Lag Free

Through careful design and development, we've made the experience much smoother and more consistent for all players. The quality of the code makes a huge difference.

Stay in the know

Test the latest developer changes, share ideas for new features, and be part of an epic community that knows how to get shit done.